Whether you’re just starting a business, or you’re a seasoned business owner, there are many reasons why you may need a Muskegon business lawyer. The job of a business attorney is to provide legal advice regarding business matters, such matters will be discussed in more detail later in this article. They also help clients achieve their business goals. This type of attorney requires critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills, as well as the ability to negotiate competently and confidently. A Muskegon business attorney often takes on the role of a problem predictor, helping their clients avoid issues that may arise in the future. So, how can a business attorney assist your company?

Muskegon Attorney

Business Formation

A Muskegon business attorney can help clients decide that type of business entity that best suits their needs. They can help with the creation of said entity, whether it’s an LLC, sole proprietorship, or other organization. Business lawyers are a resource and tool for business owners and entrepreneurs that understand what licenses or certifications are necessary in the state where the business is being formed.

Business Partner Disputes

Business partner disputes are not only common, but disruptive. Having a dispute with your business partner can take away from essential company time. Such disagreements may be stressful, as disputes may include fraud, contract breaches, ownership rights, and so on. A Muskegon business lawyer will help resolve conflict as efficiently as possible.

Writing Business Contracts

Writing a solid business contract is essential to protecting your interests. Business attorneys not only write, but can read contracts to see if they’re swayed in another person’s favor and provide advice on how to alter contracts, so that your rights aren’t infringed upon.

Buying a Business/Business Mergers

Business acquisitions and mergers aren’t linear. Having a lawyer that is not only experienced in businesses, but real estate is a huge asset when it comes to buying or selling a company. A business lawyer ensures the validity and legality of such transactions, manages paperwork, and also handles negotiations.

Employee Relations Issues

Employee relations issues range from regulatory compliance to termination, drug testing, to pay. An employee relations, or HR lawyer, provides decision-making advice with regards to the topics mentioned above.

Intellectual Property Rights

If you have a new product, a business lawyer may be apt at handling trademarks, copyrights, patents, licenses, or trade secrets.


Businesses have varying taxes structures. A business tax lawyer can help you understand how to pay those taxes according to the law.

Contrary to popular belief, most business lawyers work from their offices, rather than in court rooms. Many clients are looking for counsel and not immediately for litigation. If you require legal advice about your company or organization, it’s best to utilize the services of a qualified Muskegon business lawyer.