Landlord/Tenant Law

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In tenant law, perhaps the most important thing to have when renting is a written, well drafted and legally compatible lease.  The lease allows both Tenants and Landlords to understand, reference and enforce the rental agreement that the parties enter into.  In Michigan, it is very important to understand what type of lease is being entered into.  There are important differences between the laws governing a residential lease and a commercial lease.  There are also important differences between the laws governing a month-to-month lease and a year lease.  Bowen Law Offices encourages you to allow our expertise to advise you when preparing a rental agreement.

Causes of Action
Unpaid rent, property damage, lease violations, retaliatory actions, lockouts, and uninhabitable conditions, all raise claims for a lawsuit. If a Tenant refuses to pay rent, damages the rental property, or violates the terms of the lease; the Landlord can take the Tenant to court to recover money and evict the Tenant.  On the other hand, if a Landlord refuses to keep the property habitable or improperly evicts the Tenant, the Tenant may take the Landlord to court to recover money and possession of the property.  When a Landlord is, or rents through a Corporation or LLC the Landlord must use a licensed attorney before filing a claim in court.  Before taking any action to court please contact us for a consultation to get the advice you need to move forward.

There is no “self-help” eviction in Michigan.  In order to evict a Tenant, a Landlord must follow the proper four (4) step process under the Landlord Tenant laws.  If a Tenant is improperly evicted, the Landlord could owe the Tenant money and may have to allow the Tenant back in until the Landlord performs the proper eviction process. Bowen Law Offices handles thousands of Land Lord Tenant matters per year Do not go forward with an eviction without understanding the law. Please contact our offices at (231) 726-4484.