Is a Verbal Contract Binding in the State of Michigan

Is a Verbal Contract Binding in the State of Michigan

Verbal contracts, also known as oral contracts, are agreements between two or more parties that are not in writing but are agreed upon through spoken communication. These types of contracts are often made in everyday situations, such as purchasing a used car from a...

Breaking a Contract: How Deep in Trouble Are You

Breaking a Contract: How Deep in Trouble Are You

A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties. When entering into a contract, the parties involved are legally obligated to fulfill their end of the bargain. However, when one party fails to do so, it can result in the termination of the...

Attorney vs. Lawyer: Muskegon Attorney Answers

Attorney vs. Lawyer: Muskegon Attorney Answers

Legal terminology can be confusing, and it's not uncommon to hear people use the terms "lawyer" and "attorney" interchangeably. However, there is a difference between these two terms. In this article, our Muskegon business attorney will elaborate on the difference...

Commercial Lease Lawyer: Why You Need One

Commercial Lease Lawyer: Why You Need One

Many entrepreneurs prefer renting a commercial property to operate their businesses because they require less capital than buying it. A commercial lease is a common type of lease typically employed by landlords to rent out a property intended for business purposes,...

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Tenant Not Paying Rent in Michigan: Landlord’s Action Plan

Michigan landlord-tenant laws are designed to establish a fair and balanced framework for both landlords and tenants engaged in rental agreements. These laws outline the rights and responsibilities of each party, ensuring that both landlords and tenants have clear...

Construction Accident Law: Michigan State

The construction industry is a critical driver of economic growth and infrastructure development. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from building residential and commercial structures to infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and utilities. While the...

What Is a Civil Litigation Attorney and When Do You Need One

A civil litigation attorney is a legal professional who specializes in handling civil disputes and representing clients in court proceedings. The role of civil litigation attorneys is to advocate for their clients and navigate the complex legal process associated with...

What Happens If You Die Without a Will – Muskegon Lawyer Answers

When a person passes away without a will, that person is said to have died "intestate." Intestate succession refers to the legal process that determines the distribution of a deceased person's assets when they have not left a valid will or estate plan. In the absence...


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